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Mission Statement

  • Support, organize and participate in educational seminars and training programs relating to practices, procedures, administration and enforcement of permitting activities and building codes;
  • Advance the standardization of this profession within the jurisdictions engaged in building, land use and development regulations;
  • Promote the value and professional recognition of Permit Technicians;
  • Encourage the application of distinctive knowledge and skills of Permit Technicians for the benefit of the jurisdiction, community and profession;
  • Promote the attainment of ICC Certification for Permit Technicians;
  • Support the goals and objectives of the International Code Council and the Idaho Association of Building Officials;

Chapter History

At the February 2012 Idaho Association of Building Officials Educational Institute that is held annually, a group of individuals that attended a Permit Technician class discussed forming a committee within Idaho Association of Building Officials. There was some discussion but nothing came about until the next IDABO Education Institute in January 2013, where there was more interest in the discussion and forming the Committee. An interim board was created to help guide this committee in creating what is now the Idaho Permit Technicians (IPT).  The official name was voted on in May 2013, a Chairman was elected in July of 2013, and a Vice-Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer were elected in September 2013. By-laws were adopted in September of 2013 and officially signed at the Education Institute held in Boise, Idaho in January of 2014. This was the first time the IPT committee met in an official capacity since the formation of the committee.

In 2019, the Idaho Permit Technicians became on official chapter of the International Code Council, with its own governing board and budget.   It is one of six regional chapters of IDABO with members statewide.

Permit Technician Profession Overview

The Permit Technician Profession is often referred to as the “front counter staff”. This position has varied job titles but generally is considered the first person the customer comes in contact with. Duties may include answering building code and zoning questions, plan intake, coordination and issuance of construction and other related permits, some degree of plan review, records management and customer and staff support. Customer service plays an integral part of this position and because of that the Permit Technician position is required to be skilled in various customer service techniques. Training and education for this profession may include: 

  • proficiency in construction terminology 
  • understanding and interpretation of a wide variety of construction drawings and related documents
  • general and specific knowledge of building and other related codes and ordinances 

Basic requirements for this position include the use of various technologies dealing with permit tracking software and general office practices. The Permit Technician position is a valuable member of the office team environment. This profession provides a resource for both customer and staff during the permit process by possessing a wide variety of knowledge in different areas. It is up to all of us to promote this profession and encourage increased visibility to ensure awareness of the Permit Technician role and gain recognition within our communities, nationally and among our peers as a viable profession.

Structure and Membership 

Our Idaho Permit Technician Chapter membership is composed of persons currently working for a municipality or related industries. We have an elected executive board consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and a Secretary/Treasurer. We also have board members who are Directors.   Board members represent each of the five regional chapters of IDABO. The members of this committee serve as a liaison to various IDABO Committees or Chapters. Committees consist of Uniformity, Code, Bylaws, Education, Government Affairs, Membership, Public Relations, and Scholarships/Awards. There are five regional Chapters in the state; North, North Central, Southwest, South Central and Eastern. Our goal is to serve the citizens of Idaho and provide training and education on Idaho codes and standards.


Becoming an ICC certified Permit Technician is a significant personal and professional accomplishment. If you have the drive, ability, and dedication it takes to earn this certification, you will join a select group of professionals who have attained a high level of excellence and achievement validated through the certification process. Permit Technician certification is the key to enhanced professional stature.


Bobbi Kaufman in Recognition for her Outstanding Service

Alison Crist as Permit Tech of the Year for 2020

Plaque for Idaho Permit Technicians accepted by Chapter President - Bobbi Kaufman

The Permit Technician Committee has been accepted as an ICC Chapter as of August, 2018

Permit Tech of the Year

Molly Thurston, City of Eagle - Molly was nominated by her boss, Steve Nash, who stated that Molly deserves this award because of her roles within the City as well as in the IDABO Permit Tech Committee.  As a founding member, she has played an active part in establishing the Committee as an organization helping to mentor and train permit techs all over the state and to get them certified.  She chairs the Mentor committee and has assigned new permit techs mentors from other jurisdictions to help them learn their job and reach their ambitions of certification.  Under the time period she has served in this role almost 2 dozen permit techs around Idaho have achieved this goal. Steve also talks about her role in Eagle in serving as the main training for their code software that Eagle uses.  Molly not only trains their staff but provides support to other jurisdictions who have utilized it.    She goes above and beyond to help out Eagle and permit techs around the state.

Benefits Of Obtaining Certification

The International Code Council (ICC) administers the Permit Technician exam. For up to date testing and certification information log on to :, click on the drop-down for "Professional Development", select "Assessment". This is the ICC Assessment Center and has many helpful links including the Exam Catalog, rules on testing, and the different methods of testing.

Our chapter also offers advanced training throughout the year for those interested in obtaining additional ICC certifications in areas of:

  • Inspection
  • Plan Review
  • Zoning
  • Code Enforcement

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