Idaho Smart Growth Award Presented to the City of Moscow Community Development Department for its Green Building Program

Idaho Smart Growth

Jon Barrett the Executive Director of Idaho Smart Growth was in Moscow on December 21st to present an Idaho Smart Growth Award to the City of Moscow Community Development Department for its Green Building Program. The City of Moscow Green Building Program is an outreach program to contractors, developers, and the community, to build Green homes and other buildings that use environmentally friendly construction practices, building materials and resource conserving practices that meet a nationally recognized standard for Green construction.

A green building is a high efficiency structure that takes advantage of natural site features and includes mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that provide excellent comfort and functionality, while lowering its impact on the environment. Green buildings, unlike contemporary buildings “built to code” are designed in a team effort , with designers, contractors, and code officials working together to create structures that use resources efficiently and minimize their environmental impacts.

Basic Principles of Green Building

  • Integration of the building into the site with minimal disturbance.
  • High efficiency, energy saving systems.
  • Minimization of water use through efficient plumbing systems, limited watering of landscapes, and rainwater harvesting.
  • Use of solar, wind and other alternative energy sources.
  • Indoor environmental enhancement through use of non-toxic materials, natural light, ventilation, and improved acoustic materials.
  • Using materials that have a low environmental impact in the manufacture, shipping and use.
  • Recycling materials.
  • Educating owners to operate the building in an environmentally sound manner and to maximize energy efficiency to increase comfort and productivity.

The City of Moscow Green Building Program uses the National Association of Home Builders Model Green Home Building Guidelines to certify Green homes and will soon allow the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED-H standards as another method of certification. For more information visit