Boise partnering with LEAP Housing for moveable tiny home, ADU pilot programs

Updated: 4:50 PM MDT May 4, 2022

Boise and LEAP Housing will select households to participate in the programs to determine whether moveable tiny homes and ADUs are affordable housing solutions.

BOISE, Idaho — At Tuesday’s meeting, the Boise City Council approved a contract with LEAP Housing as a non-profit partner for two pilot programs to explore affordable housing solutions. 

The City of Boise selected LEAP Housing as its partner for pilot programs to provide incentives for moveable tiny homes and affordable Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). 

Boise City Code currently prohibits moveable tiny homes. However, the pilot program allows for permits for the homes on five to six parcels of public or private land, according to a City of Boise news release. 

The two pilot programs for moveable tiny homes and ADUs, often referred to as “mother-in-law suites,” were created by a partnership between the city and the Harvard-Bloomberg Innovation Track team. Boise is exploring whether the solutions may be used to address housing affordability in the City of Trees. 

ADUs are allowed in certain areas of Boise. The pilot program helps residents who want to build and rent a unit at an affordable rate for 10 years, according to the City of Boise. 

Homeowners participating in the program will receive resources from the city, including permitting help, a city impact fees exemption, and technical assistance from LEAP Housing on managing the property. 

Boise and LEAP Housing will select 16 to 18 households to participate in the pilot programs.

“These programs are excellent examples of the community coming together to impact our city’s future and helping to create innovative solutions for housing,” Boise Mayor McLean said. “The innovative programs will provide the opportunity for people to work together with the City of Boise and LEAP Housing on bringing viable, affordable housing to market for our fellow Boiseans.”

LEAP Housing said the City of Boise is exploring whether an ADU program is a “feasible, scalable, cost-effective approach” to create more affordable housing options. The pilot program will also determine whether moveable tiny homes will be permanently legal in the city.

An intake form for residents interested in participating in the two Boise pilot programs can be found by clicking here